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My bucket list

I have been feeling a bit down because several holidays of mine were cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I decided to change up my mood by making a bucket list of all the cool places I want to go to. I will share my top 10 dream destinations down below. Remember to keep supporting […]

MY OPINION: Coronavirus and travelling

As much as I’d love a £100 flight to Dubai, I am certain health is more important than leisure. The current outbreak of Coronavirus has affected so many people, especially with lockdowns across the globe. I was meant to go to Barcelona, Spain last week. HOWEVER, the big however… I couldn’t fly due to the […]

MY OPINION: Should passengers recline their seats on a flight?

A viral video on Twitter has revived an age old debate; do passengers have the right to recline their seat on a plane? An American Airlines customer says when she put her seat back the person behind her started repeatedly punching the back of her chair and she wishes to press charges against him. The […]