I spent 12 hours in Zurich, Switzerland!

You’re probably thinking: why only 12 hours? Well, it was a connecting flight and I was not looking to sit in the airport for ageeeeees. So let’s talk about my day in Zurich. 8:30 AM - I arrived at the airport Flughafen Zürich and booked a hotel room for the day inside the airport. Must [...]

How to book CHEAP flights

You ever want a break somewhere in Europe? Let’s say a weekend in Paris. How about next weekend? I’ve just googled “London to Paris cheap flights.” For next weekend. Cheapest flight I’ve found was £127. TOO MUCH! Let me tell you my method to finding cheap flights. It’s really quick and simple and I only [...]

My First Post!

Thanks for joining me! I have wanted to start my own blog for a long time but let's face it I was rubbish at writing AND lazy. But oh well. So this blog is going to be very basic and very straight to the point. Explorer on a budget That's me. Going to nice places [...]