You’ve probably seen influencers on your Instagram feeds in Dubai amid a global pandemic. On 4 January, the Prime Minister announced a National lockdown as there was a 30% increase in covid cases in one week. In short a National lockdown means, STAY AT HOME. Essential trips are allowed but flying across the globe and [...]

My bucket list

I have been feeling a bit down because several holidays of mine were cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I decided to change up my mood by making a bucket list of all the cool places I want to go to. I will share my top 10 dream destinations down below. Remember to keep supporting [...]

Is this the best city in Morocco?

You’re probably thinking Marrakech. Well, that’s nice but I was thinking more Rabat. Or how about Ifrane. Even Fes. It’s none of those, in my opinion the best city in Morocco is located in the north. No no no, not Tangier. TETOUAN If you’re not Moroccan you’re now probably thinking what the hell is that? [...]