You’ve probably seen influencers on your Instagram feeds in Dubai amid a global pandemic. On 4 January, the Prime Minister announced a National lockdown as there was a 30% increase in covid cases in one week. In short a National lockdown means, STAY AT HOME. Essential trips are allowed but flying across the globe and [...]

My bucket list

I have been feeling a bit down because several holidays of mine were cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I decided to change up my mood by making a bucket list of all the cool places I want to go to. I will share my top 10 dream destinations down below. Remember to keep supporting [...]

MY OPINION: Should passengers recline their seats on a flight?

A viral video on Twitter has revived an age old debate; do passengers have the right to recline their seat on a plane? An American Airlines customer says when she put her seat back the person behind her started repeatedly punching the back of her chair and she wishes to press charges against him. [...]